Not All Who Wander Are Lost...They Just Need Better Glasses

Difficulty with School?  Could it be your child's eyes??

80% of learning is visual. Checking to see if your child has "20/20 vision" is only one measure of the eyes. Do they work well together? Can they track on a page together like they have to when you read? Can they focus well? Can the eyes converge and diverge, focusing from the board to the desk accurately? Even children with "perfect vision" can struggle with vision issues that are easily correctible.

Improve Vision with Sports Vision Training

Whether you are an amateur or professional athlete, when you take part in your preferred sporting activity, you want to pull your best performance out of the bag every single time. What if there was a way that you could enhance it even further, simply by training your eyes? Now there is, thanks to sports vision training.

Do I Need Vision Therapy

Did you know that you can have "20/20" vision and still be experiencing visual problems? This is because the eyes can see perfectly through each individual eye, but they may not work well together to create a clear picture. Vision therapy can help improve the muscular systems of each eye for better teaming, tracking and focusing.

What Parents Need to Know about Nearsightedness for Children

Did you know that in 1971, 25% of Americans were nearsighted. Today, that number is 41%. This upward trend is Nation wide, including in Colorado. Nearsightedness is not an eye disease, but is a mismatch of the length of the eye and the power of the lens. The eye is too long for the power of the lens. This condition typically begins in childhood and often progresses over time as the child grows. Right now, there is an upward trend in the world of an increase in the incidence of nearsightedness. Studies have shown that we can slow or reduce the progression of myopia by taking a few steps.

Over 40?? Why are my eyes getting worse?

Are you finding that your arms are starting to get too short? Are you having to hold things further away to make them clear?? You might be entering that dreaded stage of life where you need a bifocal. Read on further to see why this happens to EVERYONE! And stop on in if you want us to help out. There are several options from glasses to contact lenses and even something called Monovision. Let us find what is right for you!

Diagnosing and Care for Glaucoma

Several forms of glaucoma have no warning signs at all. The American Glaucoma Society stresses that the effects of these types of glaucoma are extremely gradual. Most patients do not notice changes in their vision until they reach the advanced stage. Early detection of glaucoma is only possible through regular eye exams. If you want to understand the proper diagnosis of and care for glaucoma patients, here’s what you should know.

A Parent's Guide to Your Child's Eyes

Does my child need an eye exam? Many parents are unaware that by age 5, a child should have completed three eye exams with an eye doctor. One study by the National Eye Institute found that vision screenings miss detecting one third of children with a vision disorder. Did you know you can get a free eye exam for your infant?

Eye Care for Infants

​​​​​​​As an adult, you probably know that you should be attending regular comprehensive eye exams to monitor the health and condition of your eyes. However, these appointments are also important for your child, especially since their eyes and vision will still be developing during the earlier years of their life. These appointments are called pediatric eye exams and should start at around six months of age. Unless an issue is detected, their next eye exam will be at around age 3 and then again when they start 1st grade.

Pandemic Stress and Eye Sight

How have the last few months been for you? Stressed?? Most people know that stress can have a negative impact on their body. Did you also know that it can effect the eyes too?? Read on to find out how.