Kick Plastic--Recycle or donate Glasses

Plastic is becoming a problem world wide.  Even though Summit County is far from our oceans, we believe that conservation is everyone's duty. 

Costa is one of our favorite sunglasses.  They have an incredible polarized lens that we love to take out to the Blue River behind the office and show people the fish they can see with those glasses on.  Costa has created a program called Kick Plastic.  We have partnered with them to reduce the amount of plastic utilized in the eye care industry.

Have you ever thought about the lenses in those glasses that you try on, before you decide on your pair.  We call those demo lenses.  Those plastic lenses are popped out once we create your prescription and generally thrown away.  With our partnership with Costa, we are now able to recycle those demo lenses, and any other lenses for both glasses and sunglasses.

Stop on in if you want to recycle your used contact lenses or old glasses lenses.  Want to donate glasses, we also accept used prescription glasses that we donate to the Lions Club to be utilized during humanitarian missions providing eye care.