I Only Have Eyes For You

They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul.  Is this just a saying?  Or is there any truth behind it?  

Your eyes are one of the most expressive parts of your face. Have you ever noticed how warm it feels to look into the eyes of someone you love.  Or have you been able to tell that someone is sad or upset because of their eyes.  Or how about the icy glare of someone that is angry.  The eyes give away so much of our inner thoughts and feelings that a lot of poker players wear sunglasses to cover their eyes.

There is actual science behind it our ability to read someone's eyes.  The pupils dilate when we are in low light conditions to allow more light into the eye.  However, they also dilate when we are aroused. The thought is that they do this to take in more light, to take in more of the surroundings in that particular good moment. Advertisers even use this fact, often dilating the pupils of people in their promotions to make something seem more appealing.

The raise of the eyebrow draws attention to the face, but it has also been shown that a raised eyebrow on a female actually releases a hormone in a man's brain stimulating protection and defense.

An increased rate of blinking is indicative of arousal....or stress....or here in Colorado, dry eye....so be careful interpreting that one.  

Gazing at someone and maintaining eye contact engages their attention.

So, this Valentine's Day, look deep into your partner's eyes and see if their pupils are dilated, their blink rate increases, and they maintain that gaze with their eyebrow's slightly raised.....