Diabetes in the eyes

Did you know that Diabetes is the number one cause of blindness among adults?

Did you know that a yearly comprehensive eye exam can often detect diabetes that has not yet been diagnosed?

In 2017, optometrists diagnosed more than 401,000 cases of diabetic retinopathy in patients that were not aware that they had it.  

Diabetes is a disease of the small blood vessels and there are a lot of those in the eyes. When diabetes is not well controlled, we often see bleeding in the back of the eye and other visual changes such as cataracts, swelling, glasses changes, etc. that are caused from this disease.  This bleeding and the other visual changes can cause a diabetic to lose their sight.  This is why it is recommended that a diabetic have a yearly dilated eye exam to look for any of these issues.  

If you are having visual changes or if you are a diabetic, come on in and let us do a comprehensive dilated eye exam.  We will write a report and send it to your primary care doctor and (if you have one) your diabetic doctor so they know if you diabetes is affecting your eyes.