Ski Goggle Inserts

Do you wear glasses or contact lenses?  Have you ever wondered about prescription ski goggles? 

Prescription ski goggles are a challenge for manufacturers because the lens is one solid piece.  It makes it impossible to put a different prescription for each eye into the goggles, let alone if you might have astigmatism.  So, what are your options?  We get a lot of complaints that contact lenses dry out and that the fit-over goggles cause your glasses to fog up.  This last year, we have found a couple different companies that make ski goggle inserts.  These inserts allow us to put your prescription into them and they butterfly into the goggles, sitting over the vents to help prevent fogging.

We run a package deal of $100 plus shipping for the prescription inserts.  You just need to bring us a copy of your current glasses prescription.  Don't have one?  We are happy to do a complete eye exam on you and get you current.  We do recommend bringing in your goggles and trying out the insert to see which size fits best for you.  We are also happy to sell you a new pair of goggles.  We carry Smith and Oakley, but our favorite are Zeal and Julbo.  They both make a transition lens that changes with the changing light.  Zeal has a unique rail-locking system that makes it easy to change out your lenses, even with gloves on.  Julbo has a unique venting system.  If you are waiting in the lift line and your goggles start to fog, instead of taking them off, you can just pop the lens forward and vent it....also easy to do with gloves on.

Give us a call and let us know how we can help you to get the most out of your winter!