Halloween Contact Lenses

Looking for something to add that final touch to your Halloween Costume this year?  Have you thought about adding costume contact lenses?  

This year, we are proud to partner with our contact lens manufacturer to offer Gothika Lenses.  They have several different options to complete every costume.  Some even are available with a prescription. 

What is the difference between costume lenses and regular lenses?  The costume lenses are thicker.  When I have had them on, I can definitely feel them on my eyes.  Up here in Summit, with the high altitude and the low humidity, you will notice difficulty wearing them for a full day.  They will be dry and uncomfortable.  They are recommended more for the night time Halloween party.  

How is the vision?  You are looking through a painted lens, so it will not be as clear as a regular contact lens.  Even if we put your prescription in the contacts, you will still notice that the vision isn't as sharp.

So......if you are looking to spice up your costume this Halloween, come on in and check out the Gothika Contact Lenses!!