Blue Light Blocker Glasses and Anti-Fatigue Computer Glasses

Things look a little different this year for back-to-school than they have in the past.  We already knew that kids spent too much time on devices, but with COVID-19 and the hybrid models for school this Fall many kids (and parents too) are facing much more time on tablets, phones, and computers than normal. 

Did you know that research shows that those screens can cause eye strain, resulting in dry eye, headaches, and eye fatigue.  The other big buzz word these days is Blue Light.  We know that you get blue light from a lot of different places, but the biggest culprit is the sun.  If the sun is where we get the most blue light, then why is it such a big deal?  The sun has been around since the beginning of time.

With modern technology, we are spending a lot more time on devices which increases our blue light exposure.  Those devices are a lot closer to the eyes than the sun.  Studies are still being done to determine the health benefits of a blue light blocker, but research shows that blue light causes eye strain and eye fatigue.  A blue light blocking lens with an antireflective coat will help alleviate this eye strain.  

Stop in today and let us tell you more about our blue light blocking lenses.