2020 Eye Exam

As an optometrist, I am bracing for this new year....2020.  It is going to be a year full of bad eyeball jokes.  Everyone is jumping on board.  Even this year's graduating class from the Air Force Academy has their moto as:  Target in Sight.  The American Optometric Association is also getting in line.  They are promoting a year for the Eye Exam.  The goal for 2020 is to help people understand the importance of the yearly eye exam.  

We go and get our oil changed every 3 months or 3,000 miles.  We go to the dentist every six months.  How often do you go to the eye doctor?  You are only given one set of eyes, and your vision drives over 80% of what you do.  Imagine your life without sight, or with impaired sight.  I think most people only think of an eye doctor as the:  "Which is better?  1 or 2?"  (And please don't say neither....makes my job harder).  That is only a small portion of your eye exam.  It is what brings people in, but we use that opportunity to look at so many other things.  The eyes truly are the windows to the world....to your world.  The pupil is the only place you can look into the body and see the blood vessels.  The eyes can tell you so much about the rest of the body.  We are looking for eye disease, but we are also looking for other body problems that can be seen in the eyes.

So next time you hear a bad eye joke to commemorate the year 2020, think about coming in to get your eye health checked!!  We would love to see you!